The Royal Navys Message to Russia Was Pretty Sad

The ship the British Royal Navy deployed to the Black Sea in order to send a message to Russia lacks heavy weaponry and could not defend itself from intensive attack.

HMS Echo, a 297-feet-long survey vessel, arrived in Ukrainian waters in early December 2018. As long as Ukraine faces Russian hostilities, it will find a steadfast partner in the United Kingdom, stated Gavin Williamson, the U.K. minister of defense.

Echos deployment came several weeks after Russian security forces illegally seized three Ukrainian navy boats attempting to pass through the narrow, Russian-controlled strait connecting the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov.

Russian forces have been working to make the Azov Sea an internal Russian body of water in order to both cut off Ukraines eastern ports and cement Moscows hold on Crimea, explained Damon Wilson, executive vice president of the Atlantic Council think tank.

Visiting Echo at the port of Odessa, Wil....

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