Pakistan Navys initiative for preserving freedom of seas – Daily Pakistan Observer –

Sohail A. Azmie

SECURITY, generally, means a condition that makes an environment free from fear, threat and danger. In terms of international relations, more specifically, security is taken to be about the pursuit of freedom from threat and the ability of states and societies to maintain their independent identity and their functional integrity against forces of change, which they see as hostile. The bottom line of security is survival(Buzan, 1991). Buzan argues that the terms, phrases and expressions used to explain ideas and concepts continue to evolve and at times become obsolete. Therefore, in his view, the concept of security must include, besides traditional military security, the economic, political, environmental and societal factors. Emergence of the term maritime security, as subset of securityis one of the manifestations of security, as Buzan suggested.Maritime security has diverse meanings as it largely depends on the purpose and context for which the term is referred to. When used in the backdrop of freedom of the seas, it generally means an environment free from threats to good order at sea. Major threats to that order include, but are not limited to: maritime terrorism, piracy, drug trafficking, human smuggling, gun-running, poaching and activities that resu....

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