Hawkish Chinese Officer Suggests Sinking Aircraft Carriers to Intimidate US

In widely circulated speech, well-known firebrand claims Americans would back down in face of heavy casualties

Luo Yuan, a Chinese military academic ranked as a rear admiral in the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), has claimed that the United States could be brought to heel amid current disputes if two of its aircraft carriers were struck and destroyed by Chinese missiles.

In a Dec. 20 speech delivered in Shenzhen, China, Luo said that the ongoing SinoU.S. trade war was definitely not simply friction over economics and trade, but constituted a prime strategic issue, Taiwans Central News Agency (CNA) reported Dec. 23.

According to Luo, the five cornerstones of the United States are the military, the dollar, talent, votes, and the presence of adversar....

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