Genesis Alpha One Review - Blasting and Cloning

I stood on the bridge of my ship to finally make my way to colonizing a Genesis planet. I’d carefully built up my ship and crew for this exact purpose. But something was wrong. My modules were getting damaged. Crew members were dying. My ship was overrun by another corporation’s soldiers, and they wouldn’t stop until my crew and my mission was destroyed. I grabbed my shotgun and killed as many as I could, but they kept beaming aboard. If they managed to kill my entire crew, that would be it. My mission would be a failure. Such is a typical run in Genesis Alpha One.

If that doesn’t put it into perspective, this game can be immensely stressful. Just like most roguelites, any single slip-up can completely ruin everything. To be clear, though, Genesis Alpha One isn’t quite like most in its genre. The basic premise of the game is that you are a clone on a ship of clones. It’s up to you to build your ship and expand your crew by finding resources throughout the galaxy. If you die, another clone becomes captain. If all of your clones die, that’s it. But it’s really easy to make more clones,  and as long as you pay attention and know what you’re doing, you’ll probably be successful.

Genesis Alpha One bears the distinction of being....

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