Delaware man finds extra work as extra

GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) Allen Cramer is no longer camera shy.

Nor is he starstruck.

Those who know Mr. Cramer and are fans of Netflix or the Investigation Discovery TV network might have spotted the 40-year-old Georgetown resident on the tube or even the silver screen.

A work-study paralegal student at Delaware Technical Community College, Mr. Cramer works part-time at the Veterans Affairs Sussex County Community Based Outpatient Clinic in Georgetown.

He also works extra as an extra.

On the side I do acting, said Mr. Cramer.

As an extra, he has appeared on the REELZ, Investigation Discovery and TV One networks.

These are true crime show networks; real stories. Its voice-over so there are little speaking roles for the actors, he said. We might have we call them five-and-under five lines like, How are you doing, sir? Youre under arrest or Well find your kid.

On Netflix, hes appeared in:

- House of Cards, as a war protester;

- Messiah, as an FBI agent; and

- La Reina del Sur the Spanish soap opera featuring Eric Roberts (brother of actress Julia Roberts) and Mark Moses, in which he played a Secret Service officer.

Investigation Discovery headquarters are based in Maryland. All of my gigs have been in the Baltimore area and in D.C.,....

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