Before Pegasus, there was Galileo

Pegasus hacked WhatsApp, but Galileo was not far behind. 

Emails from the Wikileaks stash can establish several years of interactions between an Italian spyware company called the Hacking Team and Indian brokers who explicitly stated that the clients they were speaking for were police forces of different states and the cabinet secretariat.

The spyware that the Hacking Team made was at various times called Galileo, Da Vinci and the Remote Control System Intelligence module.

 The Wikileaks emails date back to 2011, when the UPA II government was in power, and stretch to 2015, when the BJP-led government of Narendra Modi had already taken charge in New Delhi.

The emails, many of which were exchanged between an east Delhi-based company called the Semco Group, and the Hacking Team based in Milan, demolishes the secrecy that governme....

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